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  Participating Servers

Tracking 18,972 players (+29 new players last 24h) with 3,858,739 kills (+4,740 last 24h) and 91,757 headshots (2.38%) on 1 servers
Server Load Graph
 Server  Address  Map  Played  Players  Kills  Headshots  HS:K
ges !Arsenal Only |NxtGen_GoldenEye 24/7 Dedicated|Powered By AndroidFileHost.Com (Join) ge_casino 00:04:46 0/18 3,858,739 91,757 0.0238
Server Load Graph
 #  Player  Kills  Hs  HS:K  Acc  Lat  Time  +/-  Skill
  No Players
  Daily Awards (Friday 21 Jul)

, Rocket Launcher PlayerFyter (7 kills with Rocket Launcher)
A View To A Kill    No Award Winner
ARYOU33? PlayerFyter (10 kills with US AR33 Assault)
Automatic Shotgun PlayerOblivionnXX (16 kills with Automatic Shotgun)
Bitch Fighter PlayerSteve Brule Ph.D. (58 kills with Slappers)
Bond, James Bond PlayerOblivionnXX (197 kills)
Cougar Magnum PlayerOblivionnXX (24 kills with Cougar Magnum)
D5K Playerdjcesarrecalde (6 kills with D5K Deutsche)
DD44 Playerwccoffey (4 kills with DD44)
Golden PP7 PlayerOblivionnXX (17 kills with Golden PP7)
Grenade PlayerWaallaaah (8 kills with Grenades)
Grenade Launcher PlayerOblivionnXX (21 kills with Grenade Launcher)
KF7 Soviet PlayerOblivionnXX (9 kills with KF7 Soviet)
Klobbering Time PlayerWaallaaah (4 kills with Klobb)
Lowest Ping PlayerTheSmash182 (19 ms average connection)
Military Laser    No Award Winner
Phantastic Phantom PlayerOblivionnXX (14 kills with Phantom)
PKing Soup PlayerWaallaaah (7 kills with PP7)
Proximity Pulvarizer    No Award Winner
RCP 4 Death PlayerOblivionnXX (14 kills with RC-P90)
Remotely Remove    No Award Winner
Rocket Launcher    No Award Winner
Shotgun PlayerOblivionnXX (13 kills with Shotgun)
Silenced D5K PlayerUpstateHitman (3 kills with D5K (Silenced))
Silenced PP7    No Award Winner
Silent Assassin PlayerOblivionnXX (4 kills with Hunting Knife)
Silver PP7 Playerzucata (11 kills with Silver PP7)
Sniper Butt    No Award Winner
Taser    No Award Winner
Thorwing Knives PlayerOblivionnXX (15 kills with Throwing Knives)
Timed Termination    No Award Winner
Unknown Pain PlayerTheodule Davis (8 kills with Golden Gun)
ZMG PlayerTheSmash182 (8 kills with ZMG)

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